Family Groups are your genealogy records for each family unit. All Family Group sheets are password protected to keep our family records secure. Contact Ed Uden for access and with updated information.

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  • Uden Ancestors
  • John F. Uden and Ana A. Augustin
  • Helena L.M. Uden and Albert H. Junker
  • Lolita K. Uden and Elmer E. Borchers
  • Alma J. Uden and George L. Meier
  • Anna M. Uden and Edward D. Lock
  • Paul J.F. Uden and Wilma R. Dankert
  • Rupert H. Uden and Margaret D. Frerichs
  • John A. Uden and Mayola M. Mills
  • Frieda H. Uden and Herb P. Lavin
  • Luther M. Uden and Vivian A. Swanson
  • Lewis J. Uden and Verda M. Nolte